Benchrest UK Open Shoot - Junior entry

7th-9th June 2019

We will be shooting 3 cards, Air LV/HV 25M outdoors and Rim LV/HV 50M outdoors.
If we have enough shooters interested in Rim LV/HV 25M indoors we may run the competition.

On Friday evening we are planning our second quiz night for both Club members and visiting competitors. Food and hot drinks will be provided but byo if want anything different.

On Saturday evening we will be organising the usual get-together and meal at a local pub - please let us know if you would like to join us.

Juniors - under 18yrs at 31st May 2019

Entry Fees: (please note: if entering online the costs have been increased by £0.50 for the first junior competition and £0.25 for additional competitions to cover Paypal fees).

  • £10.50 for the first and £5.25 per additional
  • All competitions run to NSRA rules
  • Should entries be oversubscribed they will be accepted on a first come first served basis; restrictions may apply.

The closing date for entries is 31st May 2019

Rimfire - Junior entry (age under 18 as at 31st May 2019)

  • 50m Heavy Varmint
Enter View Entries
  • 25m Heavy Varmint
  • 50m Light Varmint
  • 25m Light Varmint

Air Junior entry (age under 18 as at 31st May 2019)

  • 25mtr Heavy Varmint
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  • 25mtr Light Varmint


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